Student Assessment

CPC Consultancy Firm is the best student Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh. There are many education consultancy firms in Bangladesh and CPC Consultancy Firm stands in the first position because of its good, cordial and prompt service. CPC Consultancy Firm gives many services to the students who want to go to study abroad from Bangladesh like consultancy, student assessment, managing scholarship, admission, visa process, accommodation, managing air ticket,s, and many others.

Student assessment is one of the services CPC Education Consultancy Firm provides to the students for going to study abroad from Bangladesh. It provides all the services to the students who want to go abroad for education from the first stage to the last stage of going abroad. It ensures the students a smooth and easy process for going abroad and the students do not face any difficulties rather they enjoy the process. This firm is always at the side of the students for any kind of service regarding going abroad to study. There are many other education consultancy firms in Bangladesh but their service may not be as good and reliable as the services of the CPC Education Consultancy Firm. So the students should come to the right place for accurate guidelines for going abroad to study.

In education, the term assessment refers to the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students.

Traditionally, teachers evaluate their students’ knowledge by giving examinations and papers, often only at the middle and end of the quarter. CPC Education Consultancy Firm assesses the students not in the same way the teachers follow. It evaluates the students in a different way.

When the students come to CPC Education Consultancy Firm for the service regarding going abroad for study, it needs to do the assessment of the students. Student Assessment is one of the important services among many other services given by the firm which is needed for the students for going to abroad for study.

In this service, the firm explores the levels of the students. It finds out whether the student will be able to complete the degree successfully or not which the student wants to achieve. To assess the students, the firm uses various methods like checking their original certificates and results, their school and college where they have studied, and much other information related to the students. The firm informs the students whether their result matches with the requirements of the university where they have targeted for study. It also informs the students about the other requirements of the University for Study.

The CPC Education Consultancy Firm is determined to do the best assessment of the students who want to go abroad for study because without accurate student assessment it will be difficult for the students to take the decision in which country they should go and in which university they should study. If any student cannot go to the right country and right university, they may not be succeeded in completing the degree which will cause the loss of huge money, time, and energy. So, it’s very important for the students to select the right country and the right university for their higher education abroad and accurate student assessment can help them to take the right decision.

CPC Education Consultancy Firm is a place where the students get a good assessment and it helps them to take the right decision regarding their study abroad through standard student assessment. So the students should come to CPC Education Consultancy Firm for accurate assessment and for getting other standard services for making their dream true.

The assessments can be classified as :

1. Student Assessment
2. Guideline/ Counseling
3. Manage Scholarships
4. Admission
5. Guideline to Visa Process
6. Finance Assistance
7. Travel Assistance
8. Pre-Departure Orientation



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